The Staff



Lord Emperor.


Our very own Grammar-Nazi. Prefers the term “Literary editor” to “Proofreader”. Not a single spelling error or punctuated sentence will go unpunished, if encountered.

The second cake-man in the history of Overload, this one just as delicious as the last one. Fights battles against aggressive nuns and violent magicians who barely speak English. Blames his bad luck on the current situation.


Finder of faulty readers and translator of manga. Also has his fingers in the Russian scanlating pie. A man of many talents. Unable to stop picking up projects, yet wants to drop all of them. He never actually does.

A translator with a black hat. What He does not swindle for gold, jewels, or fame. He swipes the hearts of his fans and keeps them hidden in a locker. An agent of mysteries who likes to deal with time paradoxes. Do-er of many things.

The gourmand of the group we have no idea what she does but all his sentences usually have a food based pun inside. While apparently a member of another of the other elite squads we share our area with. She hangs out with the proofers most often. He is known for charisma and getting the attention of the opposite gender, while at the same time she has a work ethic as well.

This man is little seen around the proofers area unless dropping off his packages of scripted goodness but as the scripts are high grade and the timing always close to exactly when desired we feel little need to talk to him unless giving thanks.

It was a rainy day upon which, all of a sudden, a golden pot fell from the sky right onto the roof of Overload. We, annoyed at the rain pouring in through the massive hole, questioned the bearded man inside the pot. It was a wise man, capable or explaining the most difficult runes in a easy to understand way.

Hidden Detective
As his name implies, he is a mysterious entity to which nothing poses a mystery. Reads runes from all over the world and transforms them into readable scripts for us to use. Seems to be a Sherlockian.



Another member of the proofers auxiliary, this gentleman enjoys gardening, fighting crime and sampling rare delicacies. While not the weakest of the group, he lacks either Grammar-fu or the leader’s ability to use words as weapons. His discourses on the growth of plants in a light-less environment are riveting, and the one sample that survived transplanting is considered a masterpiece of gardening skill. Known for wearing full armor to his gardening sessions he is also the only member of the UGC and keeps it that way by force. Actually the secret mastermind behind all of Overload’s operations, but don’t tell anyone.

Unlike what his name implies, Krebons is all but lazy. In the mouths of madness, he keeps his sanity and if the world turns blue, he sees red. Dislikes bald people and likes the musical film “Hair”.



Quick in the draw and quick to shoot. An excellent marksman who knows how to deal with the terrors of retouching. Can also typeset. Hails from a country where forests are black and worms are huge. No, it’s not a desert.


Is good at yelling good morning over the radio. Walks through forests, smells fires. Centers every text always picks the right font.

This one traversed the skies to come and work on manga with us – He is without wings and yet travels the wind, which is why we call him Windtravel. He honours his ancestors and is very knowledgeable in forest flora – with a bit more pruning he could be an excellent gardener.


Retired Staff

Lux Aeterna
While little is known about this mysterious member of the group, it is still undeniable that they are connected to many things. While not naming names or revealing dark secrets that would end up with all involved dead we can safely say that the group starts with an I and rhymes with naughty. Also important is that this is just the main group we’ve uncov…………………………………………………..

Is a well known if relatively new face. Always visible and easy to find during the daily secret meetings. Known to all by any name but his chosen, he nevertheless soldiers on and makes due with what he can get. Attempts by outsiders to gain entry by taking advantage of his friendly attitude find out very quickly why he is a valued and liked member, as he has an iron code of conduct.

The group’s last few converts seemed rather normal, and while I am certain they are really just like the rest of the group I was unable to prove anything. This time my job was rather easy, even if I now suspect that hanging around the group has begun to cause my own sanity to disappear. Initial enquiries led me to believe the individual was a trained butler, but trying to research his past led me to find he had none. Digging deeper i also discovered he seemed to not age in any of the score of pictures I had gathered, and in a strange error that kept cropping up a red mist seemed to obscure his body on some occasions. After buying a new camera, I observed him for a while longer only to find yet again that I was mistaken, It turns out the individual was also an enforcer for a radical group bent on devious activities but had a falling out with the leader. I can only conclude that all or none of this is true and must simply ignore him.

While not evil in any way, I have found the being known as muse to be just that. A creature (human or otherwise I cannot say) that inspires others just by being nearby, while undeniable proof of his being born and raised exists, I find this evidence that muses are humans with talents that unlike most work on others instead of themselves. It is to be noted that I began to find it much easier to research this strange coterie of beings and humans once I began to do my research while within a certain distance of Muse. I refuse to believe that any of my discoveries are anything but my incredible skills of deduction and reason at work.

While I was expecting yet another mysterious member with a shady past and questionable sanity score, I was pleasantly surprised to find this new addition to the group was quite sane and well grounded. While nowhere near enough to cancel out the other more extreme members antics, she does add a touch of grandeur to the organization. She seems to have been elected baby sitter by the groups less caring members and regularly gets dragged into situations few would expect.

Nothing here yet.

A rare individual indeed this person seems to thrive in adverse conditions, at any one time blithely walking through the greatest of metaphorical minefields as if they were not even there. Also has very strange opinions about certain other members and gender but seems willing to just post thoughts without going farther.

Nothing much here atm, blame Vega.

The cleaner of the organization. It’s his job to make sure even the worst dreck we receive gets a spit and polish that few can scoff at. While not the only one in his needed position, he is the only one who could be reached by our vaunted researcher. Besides…..

Nothin here yet.

Strange as it may be I find myself unable to discover a single strange or otherworldly fact or even rumor about this individual. He in fact acts like a perfect saint and seems to live a blessed life. While also afflicted with horrific turns of bad luck, he has not had a single interaction with any of the thousands of secret societies and cultures recorded existing near him. Which some would say is good luck but I suspect they know something about him I do not.

Astralfox, a new rising star in our cleaning regime. Master in Rabbit Nabokov. Called it quits when it rained in August.

Kujaku is a rare individual having no great desires for recognition or titles instead simply going from moment to moment as if a normal person. My predecessor had started to look into this to see if it really was as normal as appearances suggested but *disappeared* before starting any actual fieldwork. I myself am of the opinion that the individual is actually some sort of dimensional riftbeast that extends slightly into our reality and is acting normal to avoid detection while it learns of our world and sees if it should bring more of its body through. I may be wrong but seeing as how no one in this group has been normal yet I find myself able to also believe this as well.
Vega Obscura
Leader of the proofreaders, he stores a vast amount of information in his head and his constantly adding to it. He may seem slightly standoffish but the minute you become “level” 9 he is shown in an entirely new light. He was once a founding member and it shows in his easy camaraderie with his fellow members. He doesn’t actually have an assigned series to proof but he does help out with everyone else’s and never refuses one that fits his type. Now slightly retired, but only slightly.

Tasked with the setting of the holy writ onto the pages of history once it has been sanctified by the holy proofers, this individual is thought to be a ninja seeing as how work is found in his style and yet the actual worker is never seen. We conclude that this person is actually an entire clan working together to keep up the illusion of one person and that one day we may find out why they do this.

President of every country, Elvis, Optimus prime, male, female, genderless, slenderman, candleja…, the Boogeyman, not going to stab you, the 6th horseman of the apocalypse, and not a member of the group. Cake is most of all a lie and only two entries in that list were true, have fun deciding which is which.

Having walked right into the middle of the gender war, this brave brave soul states his opinions with clarity and diction. Only to get shot down or mobbed by all the rest. Leading experts claim that his attempts to use reason on a bunch of random individuals without thinking of the consequences is a good example of not enough research into his topic.

The Lady of the proofer pantheon. She has entirely too many series to her credit and as such had to be forbidden any more. Rumors abound to which member she secretly liaises with but we all know whoever the lucky man is he chose right. Known for her bubbly personality and ability to stay toe to toe with her supervisor on his most random of days she also talks to His supervisor as well.

Patriarch of the proofreaders. This man has been key in keeping the group from falling apart by simultaneously translating what their leader says and what they try to answer back. His duties include actually doing work, almost single-handedly being codeproofer, managing other minor details, and keeping his titles polished and glowing.

Slow to grow on you but eventually quite friendly enough, the Link fungus -codenamed “Dukeasin Atreidesek” in science speak- can absorb material to convert itself into other forms. Preliminary testing has found its presence to be initially hard to stand, but eventually able to coexist with other lifeforms with little noxious side effects, whether its extra forms are as well adapted as they seem needs field testing.

He likes to disappear every now and then. More often than not. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Claymore Smiley
Famous for being a successful musician on the side, this young man is nevertheless always careful about hangers on due to an unfortunate accident early in his career. Thus his whispering about proof of gender is quite understandable. Otherwise known for getting the job done between womanizing and playing music he also frequently hangs with the proofers.

Still has his marbles, yet remains wise. Jack of all trades, master of quite a few and loyal to his retainer.
Flies to unknown plains and brings back rooted flowers, all for the sake of his studies. His studies cover a wide area but are concentrated in iron management.