To Aru Majutsu no Index Chapter 67

Better late than never. Heh.

[To Aru Majutsu no Index Chapter 67 teaser image]
Grab it on IRC with !Index67 (note the trigger change) or from the archive.


- To the Spanish group: This is not a joint between Riceballicious and us anymore. Thank you.
Still recruiting for everything and everyone.

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Mister Ajikko Chapter 29


[Mister Ajikko Chapter 29 teaser image]
This man has the devil on his side. Quite literally.

Grab it from IRC with !Ajikko29 or go to our Archive.
Still looking for a proofer for Ajikko.


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Mister Ajikko Chapter 28

So yes, you can expect reasonably fast Ajikko releases from now on. Big thanks to BondEternal and Tikas92 for bringing new life into this project!

[Mister Ajikko Chapter 28 teaser image]

Grab the chapter from our archive or on IRC with !Ajikko28
We’re looking for a proofreader for this series!


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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu. Chapter 30

Big thanks to Tikas92 for helping out with the typesetting!

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu. Chapter 30 teaser image]
The whole concept of “Take on me” is now entirely clear to me.

Grab it from the Archive or on IRC with !Kanofic30


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Hekikai no Aion Chapter 43

Only one more chapter till the curtain draws on this tragic tale…
I shall make no promises or anything regarding chapter 44, since every time I do that it seems to come out over a month late.
Rest assured, I’ll finish it~

[Hekikai no Aion Chapter 43 teaser image]

You can grab it from our archive, or from IRC with !Aion43


Edit: Don’t mind the empty last bubble on page 114. It should’ve said “……!” and will be corrected for the batch.

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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu. Chapter 29

No, it’s not dead. The editor’s computer, however, is, which means that the next chapter won’t get done until

A- I finish my current queue
B- He gets a new computer
C- We get a new applicant that can help out on this or other projects

Choices, choices. We prefer C, by the way.

Grab the chapter from our archive, or head over to IRC and spam “!kanofic29″.

Just kidding, saying it once is enough.


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Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 07

Yay, we’re starting volume 2.
[Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 07 teaser image]
Grab it from the archive or from IRC with !Nanige07


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Mister Ajikko Chapter 26 and 27

A bit of an unusual post today, as I am not posting about an Overload Scans release but about a release from another group.

As some of you might have noticed from online reader sites, Mister Ajikko chapter 26 and 27 have been scanlated. Credit for these chapters goes completely to BondEternal and Tikas92. Unfortunately, at the time of release they weren’t part of a group and Baka-Updates refuses to take up releases from groupless scanlators, so for a bit of publicity I’m shoving them out here on OS. We also hope to support them with future Ajikko releases, if possible. I think it’s really great that someone picked this classic up again.

Mister Ajikko Chapter 26 and 27 teaser image

You can find the chapters on Batoto or our archive or you can grab them on IRC with !Ajikko26 and !Ajikko27.


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Kumamiko Chapter 03

Gee, October already?

Sorry for slow releases. I’m very busy and we’re still severely lacking editors, so basically all the projects wait till I can get on them. This is the case for every project except Little Jumper and Kanofic. (And even those I still QC) So yeah. We need editors. No experience needed; apply on the forum.

[Kumamiko Chapter 03 teaser image]
Machi is a sweet girl.

Grab it from IRC (!Kuma03) or from our archive.


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Tonari no Raenzel dropped

As some of you might have noticed, the Japanese government agency METI is doing a campaign against scanlation and fansubs. They’re specifically targeting 500 manga and 80 anime series and TnR is one of them.

Traditionally, the aim of scanlations had been to translate series that weren’t available in English (or whatever language you’re translating to), dropping the project once the series was licensed and you could buy it in a language you could understand. Nowadays, that isn’t really true any more, as many legally available high-profile series are still getting scanlated, so it’s easy to see where the METI campaign is coming from.

Now in the case of TnR, I have no idea why they’re targeting that, because I think that it won’t ever be licensed in any English-speaking country because of its content and it’s not running in a high-profile magazine or anything, so they’re not going to win anything. But whatever. Either way, it’s quite obvious that the copyright owner does not want any scanlations of it. Therefore, we’re dropping the project and previous chapters won’t be available on our site any longer.

I hope for your understanding and would like to thank all the staff who made the project possible until now.

tl;dr version: TnR’s dropped; don’t ask about it.

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