Imori 201 Chapter 09

Alright, it took us a while to get started, but we’ll hopefully be able to bring you chapters a little faster now.
Thanks to a very generous donation from AShavedBver, who sent us volumes 2, 3 AND 4, we’ll have enough raws to last a while.
Also my apologies to him. It really wasn’t my intention to release so much later.
The good news is that we now have high quality scans for the upcoming three volumes, and the chapters will be looking much and much better than the first volume. Hope you like.

[Imori 201 Chapter 09 teaser image]

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Also, Brazilian group, if you read this – it wouldn’t hurt to at least credit our translator or something, right? And please don’t use our credit page with your names on it. At least make your own. Thank you.

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Little Jumper Chapter 27

[Little Jumper Chapter 27 teaser image]
I used a clever comical device to construct an anti-climax. No, I wasn’t lazy and couldn’t come up with something, I actually put some real thought into this. I swear! Believe me!

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Now, as for what has been stuck for a while.
Imori is the thing I’ll QC next, should be out soon.
Index is being typeset, won’t take much longer either.
Aion’s cleans have been done for a long while, I’m still waiting for the proofed script. Will give WhyTheCake a poke soon.
Summary: Soon.
No promises. We try.

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Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 7 & Volume batch

And with this we bring you the final chapter of Mikake no Nijuusei.
Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for sticking with us. Stay tuned; something new might show up soon.
Next release post I’ll give some updates about things that have been stuck for a while… Maybe we all need some oil.

[Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 7 teaser image]
“Is that your wardrobe?” – “No, that’s my time-machine.”

Chapter 7
Volume Batch
No changes in the volume apart from a typo fix in chapter 6.

You can also grab them on IRC with !Mikake7 for chapter 7 and !Mikake for the whole volume. Enjoy!

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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu Chapter 21

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu Chapter 21 teaser image]
“Ex Utero”

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Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 6

Only one chapter left…

[Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 6 teaser image]
Mikake has many zombie moments. I don’t know why.

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Narue no Sekai Chapter 2

[Narue no Sekai Chapter 2 teaser image]
You don’t mess with Tail Messer. Or things might get messy.
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Sakura-Coloured Triangle

Today it is my absolute privilege to announce how pleased I am with Muku-Coffee’s masterpiece, Sakura Coloured Triangle. The enchanting team of Yuzuki and Hinano is a majestic classic that will sweep you off your feet. Combining the elements of a high school romance, as well as the purest form of love, the pinnacle of Chinese cartoons is here. Mango has been saved. Doki Doki Suru. (No clue what this is about? CLICK HERE!)

[Sakura Coloured Triangle teaser image]

This lovely one-shot was done by Muku-Coffee. You can visit the artist’s blog here.
We used the translation provided by JuanValdezJr on Danbooru, so thanks to him as well!
Or on IRC with !SCT


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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu! Chapter 20

Once upon a time, there was a man who spent half the day trying to quality check a manga chapter that barely needed any touch-ups because it was already really good. It could have taken an hour, it took half the day. That was today. I suck.

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu! Chapter 20 teaser image]
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Little Jumper Chapter 26

Next week I’ll be quite busy, so don’t expect too much release-wise. Of course you’ll still get the Sunday bi-weeklies on schedule, if all goes well. And possibly some other things, as procrastination tends to make me work on scanlations. We’ll see.

[Little Jumper Chapter 26 teaser image]
The native Americans of the future upgraded their totems with megaphones. Red cloud would have been proud.

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Hekikai no Aion Chapter 39

I really liked the ‘atmosphere’ in this chapter. It really fit well.
I took far too long on the cleaning process (having to redraw every hair strand in Seine’s hair doesn’t help) but eh, here it is.

[Hekikai no Aion Chapter 39 teaser image]
Seine knows how it goes. Brojos before shoujos, knaifus before waifus.

Reminder. If you can read German: We heard that the last volume of Aion has been released in Germany, so if you’d like to read the ending before we get to it (we’re slow) and want to support Kagesaki at the same time (not directly, but it increases the chances of any future works also getting published, I guess), go buy it.

Edit: I messed up; a page was missing. Files updated now.
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