Bobobo Ougi 155

[Bobobo Ougi 155 teaser image]

As previously announced, we have a new editor for Bobobo by the name of SomeDude. We already beat him into submission trained him in editing Bobobo-style and he’s now planning to finish all the remaining 75 chapters, so look forward to more Bobobo.

Get the chapter from the archive or our new online reader.

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6 Responses to Bobobo Ougi 155

  1. wes174 says:

    Hurray! Thank you for the chapter!

  2. sonicbacon123 says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting so long. Hope to see one of my faves completed.

  3. ddr says:

    so bobobo revives after pop team epic gets an anime. coincidence I think not!
    but seriously thanks, i love this manga and i’m glad i’ll be able to read it.

  4. Captain Service says:

    You guys took so long I was about to make my own group and finish it myself…and I actually still might…and give you some friendly competition…will see…am curious if your usuing actually scans or the digital versions you can get from Japan…well I’m happy to see you guys didn’t abandon it…but if you do I might have to step in! Lol

    • CatWEax says:

      Where were you during the last years while we had a recruitment notice up? You could’ve applied on our forum at any time.

      There’s no “friendly competition” in scanlation. It’s called “a pointless waste of time”. 😛

      Our raws are from The Internet™ and we have no idea where they originally came from. Volume 15 is definitely scans, though.

      • Captain Service says:

        Who knows maybe I can help out now…I do literally have all the original Bo-BoBo manga digitally and physically…and working on the 2nd series and Pyuu to Fuku Jaguar…which I actually might leave a request to finish…and you know I might have joined you guys if I knew you were still alive and interested in Bo-BoBo very new to the scanlation sence but I join the forums and see what I can do lol

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