F.A.Q. FOR MANGA SCANLATION NEWBIES (like people of this kind exist):

Q: What do you guys do?
A: We scanlate manga series.

Q: I heard that’s illegal!!
A: What the…*Looks around and knocks him out*

Q: Do I have to pay for the manga I want to read…?
A: NO. Only lowlifes do that .__.

Q: Really?? Can I request a series??
A: Yes, but only if we can locate raws, a translator, and enough man power.

Q: Aaw… I cant translate but can I help?
A: You are free to join us…We need you.

Q: Great!……What should I do?
A: You can help us clean and/or typeset 🙂

Q: What…..?
A: Agh just get your ass on our forum and we’ll talk about it 😉

Q: Wait! I dont know how to use photoshop.
A: I dont think thats a question O.o but anyway, we’ll help you learn the things you need, dont worry 🙂

Q: Can we translate your scans into our language?
A: Sure 🙂 just get on the forum and let us know.

Q: Can we have a joint project with you?
A: Get on the forum and spill the details.

Q: Your project lists are not updated. How do I look for the past releases?
A: There’s a search bar right over the chat. Type the series with the chapter number or, click on the category below it.