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  1. sherkala says:

    Hello my name is sherkala and I’m a huge fan. I was wondering if it would be possible to make an extra character in Gamaran, if possible, i would be delighted if you made a character based on me. The person would be a girl, the same age as Iori, preferable his lover, but he shows her love plus affection and it’s hidden at the same time. As well as; she could be very talented with a katana. Right now she could be as strong as Iori or stronger but she doesn’t really like to fight unless she has to. plus she is very beautiful, has three katanas, two short ones and one long one and most of the time it wouldn’t be necessary for her to use her sword unless her foe was formidable. she could also have an amazing figure, with long hair, brown or black and she has silver eyes but when she gets engraged her eye colour changes to black or something else and she could be very intelligent yet funny at the same time. she could also help the ogame school with defeating the Muhou school.

    I really hope that you could fulfill my dreams.
    could you please reply back to me whether your not or are going to make this happen.
    Thank you for reading my request.

  2. Hiyuki says:

    Hey Sherkala, we would really like to, but we don’t owe Garaman. We typeset the translation of this series, which we found somewhere and was given permission to use. If you didn’t already know that this was originally in Japanese(I hope you know what Japanese is, ie. The old moonspeak.). However, if you -do really- want to voice this out, try here:
    You can write in to Kodansha’s weekly shounen manga magazine department and hope they realize your, uh, dream.

    Or, we could put your character in at chapter 1000… As a space ninja.

    Great that you’re a fan tho! Please support the Mangaka by buying the manga when it’s available to you(and maybe after your reality check).

    P.S I suggest you reconsider the weapon choice of “2 short katana” because there’s no such thing as “short katana”. If they don’t know what you are referring, they can’t give you what you want. Good luck.

  3. Hiyuki says:

    And btw, you’re doing this wrong. It’s e-mail us or post in the forum. Unless you thought this was the forum of course. I mean, this -is- the forum. Excuse me.

  4. Hazama says:

    Hiyuki FTW!! LMAO

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