Magicannon Girl Yongou-chan Chapter 3 and News

[Magicannon Girl Yongou-chan Chapter 3 teaser image]

RingoCygnus is back and brought more magical tank girls with him!

Get it from the archive or our new online reader
Edit: The original release had page 90 missing. You can read it here or download the fixed chapter from the archive.

More news

Online manga reader community Batoto recently closed and is now taken over by some kinda dodgy-looking successor, so we’re moving to MangaDex. Please be patient while we try to put up our old stuff.

And not only did get Yongou-chan reactivated, we also got a new editor, who goes by the mysterious name SomeDude, for Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, so that’s back in action as well! Expect Ougi 155 soon-ish.

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9 Responses to Magicannon Girl Yongou-chan Chapter 3 and News

  1. Sayo says:

    Page 90 is missing.

    • CatWEax says:

      Thanks for the info. No idea how we missed that. 🙁
      I’ll try to get it from the editor ASAP.

      Edit: Done.

  2. SirGir says:

    It’s not dead! Miracles do happen lol!

    How much of the raw exists for this one? ANN says the author was on hiatus for… the last three years plus O_o What happened???

    • CatWEax says:

      We have the first volume, which has 6+2 chapters; the second one isn’t out yet.

      Marukawa has recurring health issues that prevented him from working on Narue no Sekai multiple times, sometimes for extended periods of time. We suspected that that was the reason for ending Narue because the ending looked premature and we thought there was so much more to explore, but then he started with Yongou. Let’s hope that he’ll get better.

      • SirGir says:

        Thank you! That’s pretty solid insight for a creator from a country where most public figures are pretty tight-lipped about their personal lives.

        • CatWEax says:

          We only know that he had “health issues”. The rest is our observation/interpretation.

  3. wes174 says:

    So what are the chances of bobobo ever getting to where the anime left off?

    • CatWEax says:

      No idea where the anime left off, but our new editor says that he’s committed to finishing all remaining chapters. If we manage one chapter every two weeks, we’ll be done in… three years.

      • wes174 says:

        Works for me, im just happy that this gets continued! Thank you so much for your hard work!

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