To Aru Majutsu no Index Chapter 63

It has been quite a while. In fact, even after I mentioned that we had a new translator, it took quite long.
When you don’t use a machine for a long while, things might get rusty next time you start it up. Machines need to run to stay in working order. But yeah, the proofer didn’t get notified, the typesetter was away and this and that. It took a while, hope the next one goes with less problems.
I welcome our new translator for Index, Kronos. Heads up, he’s also already finished 64′s translation and it is currently being checked by Hiyuki.

[To Aru Majutsu no Index Chapter 63 teaser image]
- Give kids super powers
- Make over half of them psychotic-killers
- Corkscrew dolls
This must have been their plan all along. It finally makes sense!
(Yes, lately I have had no good ideas at all for teaser images. Sorry that you have to bear with me.)

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Next week I’ll have Aion. New Little Jumper chapter is also well on its way to completion.
Bobobo is completely stuck. Give me an extra hour in the day and I’d dedicate that to bobobo. Shame that I don’t have that hour.

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Narue no Sekai Chapter 1

As announced when we released the last chapter, we’ll be redoing some of the old chapters.
We highly recommend rereading this one. Although the translation is mostly based upon what ChaotiXubs had, there were some severe changes.

Also, if you’ve never read Narue, here’s your chance to step in. Art is slightly shaky in the first volume, but it gets a lot better.

[Narue no Sekai Chapter 1 teaser image]
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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu Chapter 19

We are looking for a new proofreader for Kanofic. No experience required, but you will be subjected to a harsh trial of hell simple test.

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu Chapter 19 teaser image]

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Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 4

Short post because I needa get up at insane times tomorrow and I’m already sleep-deprived. Yaaay, my short term memory is going fwoosh.

Nice, Ronnie O’ Sullivan. Excellent way to end a final. Congratulations.
To be honest, I hoped it’d last a little longer with Ding Junhui getting only two frames, but eh, how can I be disappointed when it ends with a maximum break.

[Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 4 teaser image]
It’s coming to get you. It’s right behind you. It’s fluffy panda, the lord of the dance.

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Kutsuzure Sensen Chapter 13

[Kutsuzure Sensen Chapter 13 teaser image]

Large image makes up for the lacking text… right? Right!?
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Links for the extra pages (read those first…):
Dainamaito-bushi (Dynamite Song)
Yattsukero-bushi (… “Song of Knock’em Dead” or something like that.)

Interested in more? Oh Pekepe Song.

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Imori 201 Chapter 8

And we end volume 1 with this last chapter. And I’ll get to say goodbye to these awful raws. Yay.
Special thanks to Windtravel for qcing my sloppy editing.

Good news for all Imori fans. Thanks to AShavedBver, volumes 2-4 are on the way to our scanner. They are likely somewhere in the hell that is called “customs” right now; hoping to get our hands on them soon. So please thank this generous man for sending them our way and look forward to more Imori chapters once we got them.

[Imori 201 Chapter 8 teaser image]
I don’t like cows.

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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu! Chapter 18

Things are going down in this chapter. Literally and figuratively. Just like Michiru.
[/lame pun]
Everyone please welcome DreamEater®, who will be helping out with Kanojo chapters and providing us with self-scanned raws for volume 4! Look forward to those; they’ll look a lot better than the public raws we’re using now.

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu! Chapter 18 teaser image]
Well, at least she knows what’s important.

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Hekikai no Aion Chapter 38

Been too long. Got good news though. We’ve got a new translator for the series: Some of you might know him, it’s Nirpan.
Translations won’t be a problem any more, so any further delays will be caused by everything that happens after the translation. Yes, we’re planning to finish this. This is actually one of my favourite projects at the moment.

[Hekikai no Aion Chapter 38 teaser image]
In 2012, domestic violence occurrences in Japan increased by as much as 46%. (Japan Daily Press, 13 July 2012)

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Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 3

The plot thickens…
Want to say something about the chapter but it’ll be hard not to spoiler anything, so I’ll refrain…

[Mikake no Nijuusei Chapter 3 teaser image]

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Next week I’ll have Hekikai no Aion done. Maybe Imori chapter 8, if it goes well.

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Ro-Kyu-Bu! Chapter 11

In the annals of Overload Scans, we’ve had a few projects that we truly considered ‘cursed’. Projects, which, after release, suddenly had chapters filled with mistakes even though it went through a proper QC, things that kept getting stalled for strange reasons that no one really understood, things like that. The curse tends to switch from project to project and I believe it has now settled on RKB. Sorry for the delay in this chapter. It was the curse. I shall attempt to exorcise it, but keep in mind that I am not a miko.
悪霊退散. 悪霊退散. 臨、兵、闘、者、皆、陣、列、在、前!

Let’s hope it did something.

[Ro-Kyu-Bu! Chapter 11 teaser image]
Now for the BDSM-hunt (Beautiful Daring Secret Mystery hunt) find the “Bee Pee”. That’s all the hints you’ll get.

Chapter 11
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