Little Jumper 28

Sorry for being slow with everything lately. A lot of thanks to Jidan for working hard to get releases out! I’ve been having very little time as of late…

[Little Jumper 28 teaser image]
I can already tell that this is going to be a good volume.

IRC: !LJ28


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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu Chapter 25

KanoFic desu desu desu desu.

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu Chapter 25 teaser image]

It’s also there on IRC with !Kanofic25


Regarding Index: something is happening. I’ll let you judge for yourself whether that’s a good thing or not when we release the chapter…
I should be able to finish Imori next week. Also expect Little Jumper soon.

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Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 03

Nope, we’re not dead. Not at all.
(Index IS dead again, though. I’ll try my hardest to kick some life into it myself…)

[Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 03 teaser image]

Or grab it on IRC with !Nanige03


Next on my list is Imori, but I’ll get cracking on getting out an Index release first… As usual, we’re all busy. Sorry for all the hold-ups.

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Recruiting Cleaners, Typesetters and Proofreaders

[Kyubey asking you to make a contract with him to become a scanlator.]
Everything except for proofreaders. Apply on our forum. Kyubey drawing by Pixiv artist Mizuki.

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Ro-Kyu-Bu! Volumes 1 + 2

In an attempt to pretend that we get stuff done even when Ringo’s not around, here are batches for Ro-Kyu-Bu! volumes 1 and 2 (because I like batches).
They cover chapters 1 - 11.
[Ro-Kyu-Bu! Volumes 1 + 2 teaser image]
Mediafire: Volume 1 Volume 2
IRC: !RKBV01 and !RKBV02 (those circles are zeros)

tl;dr: No need to get them if you’ve got all the individual chapters already.

Now for everyone who doesn’t have the attention span of a goldfish, here’s what actually changed compared to the individual chapter releases:

  • consistent page numbering that matches the original tankoubons;
  • added two missing filler pages (those mostly blank pages with just the series logo);
  • losslessly recompressed all files to be about 5 % smaller;
  • replaced the chapter credit pages with volume credit pages, because almost nobody cares about those anyway.

A release for the latecomers… or silly completionists like me.

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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu. Chapter 24

This time with better raws. Hope you like.

[Kono Kanojo wa Fiction Desu. Chapter 24 teaser image]
IRC: !Kanofic24


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Hekikai no Aion Chapter 41

Releasing chapters. Right. That thing that we normally do. Aha. Well, here it is.
My last couple days went like this:
Ringo’s thought: “Ah, finally time to work on manga”. *Phone rings* Boss: “Could you work? Someone’s ill.”
Ringo’s thought: “Ah, finally time to work on manga”. *Phone rings* Labpartner: “Yeah, we still need to finish that presentation.”
Ringo’s thought: “Ah, finally time to work on manga”. *Guests arrive and occupy the rest of my evening*

Literally like that on every day this week. Not kidding. That said, I was free today and part of yesterday and finally managed to QOISODHADNASKR typeset this. Sorry for being slow and all.
Also, I’ll be going to La France next week, so don’t expect any releases next week. I’ll be back in full throttle the week after that, though.

Also, recruiting people to help. Anyone can do it as long as they try; don’t be scared – I can train you up to the level you need to be. Someone who wants to help with Imori would be great.

[Hekikai no Aion Chapter 41 teaser image]

The tragic end is coming. Called it.
!Aion41 on the IRC.

Also, expect Kanofic tomorrow. I’m insane enough to release that the morning I’m leaving.


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Tonari no Nanige Chapter 02

I love this 4koma. I really enjoy reading it a lot. Do give it a try! Sorry for the missing note in the first chapter.

[Tonari no Nanige Chapter 02 teaser image]
Or grab it from our IRC channel with !Nanige02


I’ll be busy for the rest of this month, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done. Sorry.

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Kumamiko Chapter 01

We’ve got our nice HQ raws thanks to Maccha and we’ll commence redoing Kumamiko volume 1 now. If you haven’t checked out the series yet, give it a try; it’s really nice.

[Kumamiko Chapter 01 teaser image]

Grab it on Mediafire or on IRC with !Kuma01


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Ro-Kyu-Bu! Chapter 12

So thanks to Maccha, who bought and scanned this new volume of RKB, we’ve got great raws now. Huzzah.
We’ll be bringing more self-scanned raws in the future; look forward to it.
[Ro-Kyu-Bu! Chapter 12 teaser image]
“Winners Don’t Use Drugs.” -William S. Sessions
We also have it on the IRC with !RKB12

This chapter is dedicated to all the readers who actually notice the change in image quality.

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