Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 20

[Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 20 teaser image]

Here it is, the end of Nanige-san. We finally made it. It didn’t even take us two years for the last volume. 😛
This certainly was a rough ride with lots of staff leaving, some unannounced, including the project leader. But we somehow managed to pull through because Nanige is just that awesome.

Thanks to all the staff who helped out and tried to pull this project along, especially the translator Joshlemagne, who somehow managed to endured our never-ending delays.

A message from CptNameless, our pinch hitter typesetter who saved the project on the homestretch:
I’m just happy I could help and sorry for the delays.

Get the last chapter from the archive and enjoy~

… and whenever you see someone in trouble, be their Nanige and help out. 🙂

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  1. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for translating Nanige San! 🙂

  2. homogenized says:

    This was an uplifting work, thanks for bring it to us.

  3. xionis says:

    thanks for picking up and finishing this manga ^^

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