Aoba bicycle shop on Namikibashi Street Chapter 11 & Little Jumper chapter 18

Last week we had the grand return of the miraculous Claymoresmiley, who had to retreat from our ranks for a while.
Glad to have him back, which also means that all his current projects, Aoba, Ajikko and Farmgirls (Yes I like that name), Will be revived. Huzzah.
Other thing is the new chapter of Little jumper. Kurosagi is an active and busy man, so he can’t spare much time, but he mentioned he’d try to translate one every 1-2 months.

I thank the god of conveniently-placed-spotlights for moments like this.

Aoba Chapter 11
Little Jumper Chapter 18


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7 Responses to Aoba bicycle shop on Namikibashi Street Chapter 11 & Little Jumper chapter 18

  1. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for another chapter of Little Jumper!

  2. Oneguardian says:

    Thanks for the Aoba bicycle shop on Namikibashi Street chapter!!!

  3. Caminante says:

    Thanks a lot for ABS!
    I didn’t know of Little Jumper I’ll take a peek.

  4. White-Fox says:

    Thanks for Aoba Bicycle Show & Little Jumper.

  5. Harimau says:


    Given any thought to picking up Noririn? You may be able to get raws from /a/nonscanlations if you ask nicely.

    • RingoCygnus says:

      Geh I love Kitoh Mohiro’s works (Yes, even if there’s no gore and tragedy). Thing is though, raws are not really the problem, translators are. If we can find a translator, then I’d says sure. (Problem is we most likely cannot)

  6. Rac says:

    thanks a ton for scanlating little jumper!!
    great job

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