Bobobo Ougi 133

Alright, this is the first released work of our new editor, lazykrebons. And even though I’m on that credit page as well, I only did 4 pages, so most thanks go to him. We’ll also be speeding up our bobobo releases now (Yes I’ve said this before…)
134 is already cleaned and currently being typesetted…

This does NOT look like Michael jordan. At all.
Bobobo ougi 133


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4 Responses to Bobobo Ougi 133

  1. xoxo says:

    The download link does not exist.

  2. RingoCygnus says:

    It does work and it does exist. But maybe you were a trickle too fast cause the upload wasn’t complete the second I pushed the publish button (Yeah I noticed a last minute mistake so had to re-upload)- So if you were here the minute it got released (impressive!), then that’s probably the cause.

  3. lolo says:

    thanks for sticking with this lol, I really want to see what comes after the anime since the raws are nowhere to be found

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