Bobobo Ougi 139

Sorry it took me so long. Weeks and weeks.
And I tried uploading it… like for an hour. But my connection kept failing.
Life is real. Oh, so real.

King nosehair is awesome.
Bobobo Ougi 139
Now with mediafire link.


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2 Responses to Bobobo Ougi 139

  1. Cornmuffin64 says:

    I cannot express in words my gratitude towards the handsome folk that allow me to read Bo-bobo in English. If I had humorously over-sized sacks of cash to throw at all of you, I would.

    • RingoCygnus says:

      Glad someone out there is still reading it. Bobobo is a great and sadly underrated gag manga. We’ll likely continue to work on it till we finish and we hope you’ll keep enjoying it!

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