Bobobo Ougi 140, 141 & 142

-Imported from backup site-
Added 140 and 141 to this post, since we lost those two.

A strong ally is heading to help Bobobo. Will they hold out until them? *Plays Dvorak new world symphony music*

Bobobo Ougi 140
Bobobo Ougi 141
Bobobo Ougi 142


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6 Responses to Bobobo Ougi 140, 141 & 142

  1. lolman says:

    Bobobo overdose(load) o/

    Thank you & I hope your site come back soon!

  2. Hidden Detective says:

    So how’s the situation now? Will the site be fixed soon, or is there going to be a new forum site that all we workers have to register for again…?

    • ringocygnus says:

      Still waiting on the backup from the previous site… if we get that, we can get the site up and everything will be back the way it was…
      Also Hidden, could you drop in irc or something? as a temporary communication tool. I tried pming you on Mangahelpers but you didn’t respond.

      • Hidden Detective says:

        Ok, I went to Mangahelpers… Just haven’t been there for a while, that’s all…

  3. Jesús says:

    Excellent project! Thx x 10000000 🙂 But tell, are you going to translate more chapters of Bobobo? Will all volumes be fully translated?

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