Sakura Coloured Triangle chapter 2 & 3

I have an apology to make; when we initially released the first SCT chapter, we thought it was a one-shot. However, it seemed that there were two other 3-page chapters around which weren’t uploaded anywhere else because they were in a video format…
So we ripped the panels and with a bit of cut and paste works we got these chapters ready for you. To be honest, we think they’re slightly disappointing, but we hope you enjoy them nonetheless.
A lot of thanks to JuanValdezJR from Danbooru for translating and Muku-Coffee for the creation of this work. Hope Muku-Coffee decides to draw more somewhere in the future.

[Sakura Coloured Triangle chapter 2 & 3 teaser image]
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Or you can grab them on IRC with !SCT2 and !SCT3.


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2 Responses to Sakura Coloured Triangle chapter 2 & 3

  1. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  2. Zensunni says:

    Thanks for the chapters, but it is a bit disappointing. It’s like they started a story and just stopped… It looked like it could have been interesting. Too bad.

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