Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 1

After Mikake’s end this is the new project that we’ll be running. Not sure if we’ll go with the traditional Sunday releases after this. Depends.
It’s a funny 4 koma; I recommend everyone to give it a try. I wasn’t sold when I first saw the art but I definitely enjoyed the first chapter. And the author seems to live on tea (just like me), so I’m certain that it’ll be a nice run.

[Tonari no Nanige-san Chapter 1 teaser image]
Allow me to introduce you to the lovely Nanige-san.
I forgot the summary of the series that I wanted to put here here, but she suddenly popped up behind me and handed me a paper with a summary, which said the following:

Mundane problems happen every now and then. While not life-changing, they certainly can get someone in a pretty pickle! Luckily, Nanige-san shows up around those close to her and helps out.

Or grab it on IRC with !Nanige01


On another note, we got a bunch of new raws now and some projects aren’t moving along as fast as they should because of limited editors, so we’re looking for more. No experience needed as long as you’re competent and willing to learn.

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  1. Dave says:

    Pretty amusing. A bit creepy. Thanks for that.

  2. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new series!! :)

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