Tonari no Raenzel dropped

As some of you might have noticed, the Japanese government agency METI is doing a campaign against scanlation and fansubs. They’re specifically targeting 500 manga and 80 anime series and TnR is one of them.

Traditionally, the aim of scanlations had been to translate series that weren’t available in English (or whatever language you’re translating to), dropping the project once the series was licensed and you could buy it in a language you could understand. Nowadays, that isn’t really true any more, as many legally available high-profile series are still getting scanlated, so it’s easy to see where the METI campaign is coming from.

Now in the case of TnR, I have no idea why they’re targeting that, because I think that it won’t ever be licensed in any English-speaking country because of its content and it’s not running in a high-profile magazine or anything, so they’re not going to win anything. But whatever. Either way, it’s quite obvious that the copyright owner does not want any scanlations of it. Therefore, we’re dropping the project and previous chapters won’t be available on our site any longer.

I hope for your understanding and would like to thank all the staff who made the project possible until now.

tl;dr version: TnR’s dropped; don’t ask about it.

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3 Responses to Tonari no Raenzel dropped

  1. homogenized says:

    That’s too bad. Hope they don’t go after Nanige-san, unless it gets an official translation, in which case yay more easy way to get a physical copy and support the author.

  2. jimmydip says:

    That sucks but understandable. Thanks for your work you have done on non-English translations.

  3. Mambo says:

    Yeah, it’s strange that they attack something like Tonari no Raenzel instead Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo or To Aru 😀 😀 😀

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