Magicannon Girl Yongou-chan Chapter 01

We’ve had the volume for quite a while but I never really got to it. But we’re kicking this off now (and hey, this will reduce the wait for volume 2… by the time we’re done with this volume, 2 should already be out!)
This is the new manga by Marukawa-sensei – the author of Narue no Sekai (Haven’t read Narue yet? Go read it now, we’ve got volume batches up for download in the archive!)
I hope the plot picks up a bit more in future chapters. Cat, Nirpan and I look forward to bringing you this series.

[Magicannon Girl Yongou-chan Chapter 01 teaser image]

Here’s an attempt at a summary:

Manaka is good at archery, but she hates it because her father forced her into it and the other members of the high school archery club hate her for being better than them. While she’s feeling down, she gets caught up in the battle between a gun-wielding woman and a tank, after which she succeeds the woman’s magicannon, a device that lets her turn into Yongou, the personification of a WW2-era tank. With her newfound meaning of life, Manaka and the new friends she meets take on the Nine Old Guns from an organisation that may be striving for world peace or world destruction.

The series title is a pun read as Mahou Shoujo, which usually means Magical Girl, but written as Magic Gun, and this is pretty much what you get. Expect indoor and outdoor magical girlgun fights and tank battles in every other chapter. The author is obviously quite a tank nerd, so there will be many details to spot and you’ll have a reason to read Wikipedia articles on WW2-era tanks. We can’t say much about the story yet, because it’s still quite mysterious what the different actors’ goals are.

Feel free to copy all or part of that to Baka-Updates or Batoto. (Extra points for crediting us. 😉 )

Grab it from the archive or from IRC with !Yongou01
Edit: There was a problem with the ZIP file, but we fixed it now. Sorry about that.

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  1. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new series!! 🙂

  2. SirGir says:

    Yay! Previous series is awesome; this series is awesome! This author really deserves more press.

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