Mister Ajikko Chapter 41

Finally another release!

[Mister Ajikko Chapter 41 teaser image]

We’ve had trouble lately because we didn’t get any new recruits before our Editor Extraordinaire RingoCygnus succumbed to the pressure of real life and just can’t make time for editing anymore. A big thanks to him for his great editing work and sticking around with this group for so long. None of us is as good as him at editing, but we’ll try anyway.

Now for Mister Ajikko, we apparently were so slow that a group called Saiko Scans got impatient and released chapter 41 on their own. Unfortunately, they didn’t contact us first, as we were still working on it. Oh Noes! Scanlation Drama ensues! Well, almost. We were not amused, but when we asked them about a joint project, they were actually happy to be able to help us. We could’ve had that easier… Anyway, Mister Ajikko will now be continued with the help of Saiko Scans, as they’ll be doing the cleaning.

Enough rambling; grab your Ajikko from the archive and enjoy~

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  1. vipo says:

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

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