Recruiting Cleaners, Typesetters and Proofreaders

[Kyubey asking you to make a contract with him to become a scanlator.]
Everything except for proofreaders. Apply on our forum. Kyubey drawing by Pixiv artist Mizuki.

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7 Responses to Recruiting Cleaners, Typesetters and Proofreaders

  1. jrdragon2006 says:

    what manga’s do you guys need help with?

    • RingoCygnus says:

      Editing-wise? Nearly everything. Translation-wise? Index / dead projects (although I’d rather not revive any dead projects, considering our lack of editors)
      Proofreading-wise: Not so much, but if you want you can take some series over from another proofer, I do think.

  2. cjb says:

    I thought this site was never updating because of this sticky. f’king annoyed.

    • CatWEax says:

      We’re trying to recruit more staff to keep the releases coming, but now that we’ve tarnished your eyes, maybe we should actually stop. Sorry about that.

  3. me says:

    Do you need help with Nanige-san? It’s the one series that brightens up my day *.*

    • CatWEax says:

      Yes, we’d like to have a new cleaner for Nanige, maybe also a typesetter, because the current editor has a lot to do. Please apply in the recruitment section on the forum. Ringo always handles applications and he’s out until the 6th of August, so please be patient and maybe subscribe to your forum topic so that you don’t miss his reply. I look forward to your application. 🙂

      • me says:

        Alright, I sent an application. Hope I can be of help. ^^ Nanige-san, best waifu. <3

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