Ro-Kyu-Bu! Volumes 1 + 2

In an attempt to pretend that we get stuff done even when Ringo’s not around, here are batches for Ro-Kyu-Bu! volumes 1 and 2 (because I like batches).
They cover chapters 1 - 11.
[Ro-Kyu-Bu! Volumes 1 + 2 teaser image]
Mediafire: Volume 1 Volume 2
IRC: !RKBV01 and !RKBV02 (those circles are zeros)

tl;dr: No need to get them if you’ve got all the individual chapters already.

Now for everyone who doesn’t have the attention span of a goldfish, here’s what actually changed compared to the individual chapter releases:

  • consistent page numbering that matches the original tankoubons;
  • added two missing filler pages (those mostly blank pages with just the series logo);
  • losslessly recompressed all files to be about 5 % smaller;
  • replaced the chapter credit pages with volume credit pages, because almost nobody cares about those anyway.

A release for the latecomers… or silly completionists like me.

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